Dagaa Research Project

The impact of women-led market networks on the sustainability of global fish

The African great lakes support the largest inland fisheries in Africa and make crucial contributions to nutrition and livelihood security of millions of people on the continent. The lakes also continue to increasingly supply far-flung diaspora populations around the world.  

Nonetheless, trade in dried fish in Africa, the increasing importance of international diaspora driven markets, and the activities of international migrant women traders of dagaa is patchily understood at best.  

Your gift to this research project led by Dr. Deo Namwira, helps to identify the impact of increasing international trade of dagaa on dried fish value chain actors around the African great lakes region and in major urban markets in Canada, assess the sustainability of this trade, and consider possible alternative sources of supply in Canada. 

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MEDA intends to collect $20,000 CAD in support of the Dagaa Research project. Any donations to this project that surpass that total will be designated to core priorities at MEDA and distributed where funds are determined to be needed most.

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