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We partner with amazing entrepreneurs every day.

Skilled and hardworking small business owners and farmers who invest everything, working towards the better future they imagine for themselves, their families, and their communities. For the entrepreneurs we work with, success is paramount, especially in the face of political fragility, economic instability, and inequality.

But success doesn’t have to be a dream. Join us as we work towards a future where their creativity, determination and ambition is matched by the business supports they need to work their way out of poverty.

Your support means entrepreneurs can stop dreaming and start realizing their full potential today.

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Building Stronger Businesses — Providing Women with Access to Capital — Encouraging Youth in Business
Adapting to Climate Change — Agri-food Market Systems — 
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Building Stronger Businesses

Businesses can’t grow without the proper supports. With better access to finance, training, and technology, business owners in the Global South can build farms and businesses that will benefit themselves, their families, and their community

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Providing Women with Access to Capital

Starting a business is tough. Especially for women in the Global South who are unable to access loans to grow their businesses.

With the right financial products, women can grow their businesses and drive economic growth.  

Encouraging Youth in Business

Despite being hardworking, innovative, and ambitious, youth often lack the means to turn their great ideas into prosperous businesses.

With the right supports, youth can excel in business. 

Adapting to Climate Change

Drought, famine, and other climate-related weather changes have pushed many farmers in the Global South deeper into poverty.

Your gift provides farmers with access to the climate-smart technology they need to withstand environmental shocks caused by climate change.

Agri-food Market Systems

COVID-19, climate change, and conflict around the globe have severely impacted the agri-food sector — from the farmers who grow the food we eat to the businesses that ship, package and sell it.

By finding and addressing the challenges faced at all levels of food production we can build strong and sustainable food systems.

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Join us as we work towards a future where people’s creativity, determination and ambition is matched by the business supports they need to work their way out of poverty, find decent work and invest in their communities.