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Often one small gift in the shadow of a global issue as vast as poverty can seem insignificant.  But sometimes, access to the right support – like a piece of equipment, technology, or training – is all it takes to create a lasting impact.  That’s the case for the entrepreneurs we partner with. Where even the smallest gift can play a vital role in lifting individuals, families, and even communities out of poverty.  

MEDA partners with entrepreneurs around the globe to build sustainable businesses that create opportunities for families to give their children a better future. Many have the skills but need some extra support for their business to flourish and succeed long-term. The blessings you share ensure they can access the right supports.  

Your gift enables men, women and youth around the world to move into valuable and equitable roles which aren’t dependent on aid to survive. 

Share your blessings with a gift that will create lasting impact!


Invest in Small Business

Small and medium sized businesses have the power to drive economic growth in developing countries, creating employment, diversifying products and services, and linking small producers to markets.  Yet many lack access to training, funds and markets needed to move their businesses forward.  The right approaches can empower entrepreneurs to not only survive, but to earn a livelihood, grow their businesses and create a sustainable future for themselves, their families, and their communities.  Invest in small business.

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Empower Women and Youth

Women are drivers of economic growth but are often overlooked and under-represented in the economy.  Many women and youth struggle to grow their businesses or gain employment due to cultural or economic barriers.  Empower women and youth through business.

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Environmental Sustainability

Entrepreneurs are struggling to grow their businesses amidst increasing environmental challenges. Many lack access to critical technology, training and resources needed to combat the complex environmental issues they face. Ensure entrepreneurs have access to the tools they need to succeed.

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Your gift ensures entrepreneurs around the globe have access to the resources they need to lift themselves out of poverty, provide for their families, build sustainable businesses, and contribute to their communities. 



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